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Our Strategy

TPG Telecom’s strategy aims to capitalise on its strengths and opportunities as a full-service telecommunications company.

Strategic Priorities

Capitalising on strengths and opportunities to drive growth

2021 Strategic Priorities


How we will drive growth

TPG Telecom is focused on three growth opportunities:

  • The first is to bring more of our products into more Australian households. As a merged mobile and fixed broadband company, we have a significant opportunity to serve more households, offering products to meet all of their connectivity needs, and within those households, to offer even more mobile services.
  • The second is to make the most of our extensive network infrastructure by providing compelling on-net broadband services to more customers. Whether on our fixed access or wireless networks, we are committed to delivering superior home broadband experiences to more Australians.
  • The third is to provide more choice to businesses and the public sector with whole-of-business telecommunications solutions. From small office to enterprise grade solutions, we are building a stronger presence in the Enterprise, Government and Wholesale sectors.


How we will enable growth

We are enabling growth in these three areas by investing in our 5G mobile network and in the transformation of our IT and digital infrastructure.

  • 5G will bring higher speeds, lower latency and more connections for enhanced online experiences and new wireless capabilities. Using our 3.6GHz spectrum and 700MHz spectrum, together with a new standalone core, we will be extending our 5G coverage to more Australians.
  • Streamlining our technology stacks will enable us to continue to serve and interact with our customers the way they want, whilst we bring together our mobile and fixed offerings across our family of brands and customer segments.


How we will become stronger

The strength of our company is underpinned by our integration and synergy program and our work to unify our culture and organisation.

  • We are committed to delivering the benefits of the merger to our customers and shareholders, with our company-wide program well underway from infrastructure to marketing, and technology to property.
  • We share a belief and confidence that we are better together. As we integrate our organisations, we grow even stronger and we create an even better place to work.