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The potential benefits to the Australian economy through digitalisation have been estimated to be as much as $315 billion over the next decade. A productive and innovative digital economy is important to support continued improvements in quality of life and living standards for everyone.

We have a fundamental role to play in helping to create Australia’s digital economy – building and maintaining the networks, and investing in innovation so that business and consumers can get the most from next generation connectivity. 

Digital technologies can be a powerful driver of social good – enabling intractable social issues to be tackled in new ways and with greater scale. We aim to promote these benefits through our corporate foundation, leveraging not only financial resources, but also the skills and time of our people. 

At the same time, we want to help make sure that all people in Australia have access to those benefits. COVID-19 has accelerated the take-up of digital, particularly within business and public services. This makes it even more crucial to tackle digital exclusion and ensure that none of our customers are left behind.

Our commitments include:

  • Enabling 5G network connectivity for our customers with the rollout of 5G networks. 
  • Working collaboratively with partners to support innovation in the infrastructure for, and application of 5G-enabled technologies. 
  • Helping to accelerate the uptake of NB-IOT and 5G-enabled technologies.
  • Donating up to $1 million annually to enable projects which create opportunities to improve health, education and wellbeing of Australian communities in need. 
  • Increasing opportunities for our employees to use their role-specific skills on interventions that improve wellbeing and/or support the creation of vibrant connected communities.

Innovative 5G solutions

Our 5G network is helping to solve real problems for Australian industry.

For example, we have partnered with Nokia, UTS and AWS to conduct a trial using 5G technologies to deliver benefits and efficiencies to the agricultural sector. 

The project, which received grant funding from the Australian Government’s 5G Innovation Initiative will use our 5G network to enable multiple high quality 4K video streams to count sheep at a livestock exchange, automating the process and removing human error. A supporting 5G edge network processes the counting on site and relays the data in real time back to farmers on a tablet or mobile device. 

The 5G links provide greater capacity and reliability for data processing which has the potential to save many hours of manual labour per year. 

TPG Telecom's Innovation Lab in Sydney is also driving product and technology innovation, including network virtualisation and emerging 5G applications for industry.

tpg telecom foundation

TPG Telecom Foundation

The TPG Telecom Foundation's purpose is to create opportunities to improve the health, wellbeing and education of Australian communities in need.

It is part of TPG Telecom's commitment to our purpose, to build meaningful relationships and support vibrant, connected communities.

The Foundation is currently partnered with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and Infoxchange.

Community investment through the Foundation plays an important role in our overall approach to operating a sustainable business.

Since 2002, the Foundation has donated more than $26 million to a range of important causes.

The Foundation empowers all TPG Telecom employees through its platform TPG Telecom Giving to support its charity partners and charities they are personally passionate about, through volunteering, matched giving for staff fundraising and workplace giving. The TPG Foundation is a strong driver of engagement amongst our people.

The Foundation's Trustee Board is comprised of senior TPG Telecom employees and two independent directors. The Board is responsible for the governance and financial management of the Foundation and ensures that the Foundation delivers on its purpose and goals.

The Foundation's 2021 funding round has seen it partner again with Garvan for a 12-month project called Genomics in the Cloud.

This project is aimed at building a new database of genetic information that is more representative of Australia's cultural diversity so that researchers can better understand the genetic and cellular basis of disease.

The TPG Telecom Foundation also partnered with Infoxchange on a 12-month project called Connected Communities.

The Connected Communities project will see Infoxchange and TPG Telecom employees work with people in remote and disaster-prone areas to co-design community solutions that leverage social connectivity, community strengths and digital tools to improve disaster preparedness and community resilience.