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Website Terms

By accessing, browsing and/or using the TPG Telecom Limited (A.C.N. 096 304 620) (“TPG Telecom”) website ( you agree to the following terms. If you do not agree you must cease using the TPG Telecom website.

  1. TPG Telecom attempts to ensure that the contents of TPG Telecom website are accurate and current at the time they are published but TPG Telecom may change the website contents and TPG Telecom services and charges may be modified, supplemented or withdrawn. You accept that by doing this, TPG Telecom has provided you with sufficient notice of the amendment. By continuing to access or use any material on this website after any amendment, you confirm your agreement to these terms, as amended. TPG Telecom takes no responsibility for the accuracy, suitability, quality or completeness of any content or goods and services, available on or using the website. TPG Telecom does not represent or warrant the suitability, completeness, accuracy or currency of any information contained on this website nor that any services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free.
  2. It is a condition of TPG Telecom allowing you to access the TPG Telecom website, that you accept TPG Telecom will not be liable for any action you take relying on the information on this website or using any service which is accessible via this website.
  3. TPG Telecom assumes no liability for the contents of any other websites (“Other Party Websites”) that you may access from the TPG Telecom website. TPG Telecom does not endorse and is not responsible for any material on, or linked to from, Other Party Websites (“Other Party Material”). In particular, and to the extent permitted by law, TPG Telecom Limited makes no warranties or representations:
    • regarding the quality, accuracy, merchantability or fitness for purpose of Other Party Material or products or services available through Other Party Websites, or
    • that Other Party Material does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any corporation, organisation or person.

TPG Telecom is not authorising the reproduction of Other Party Material by linking material on this website to Other Party Material.

  1. The contents of this website, the services available for use and any products and services available for purchase using the TPG Telecom website are meant for Australian residents only. TPG Telecom does not guarantee that this website or Other Party Websites will be free from viruses, or that access to this website or Other Party Websites will be uninterrupted.
  2. TPG Telecom excludes all liability for any loss, damage, or expense (including special, indirect or consequential loss, loss of profit or revenue, loss of use, legal costs and defence or settlement costs) that you or any other person incurs arising directly or indirectly out of or referable to material on this website or to Other Party Material whether in contract, tort (including liability for negligence) or otherwise. To the extent that TPG Telecom is prohibited at law from excluding its liability, TPG Telecom limits its liability to the extent permitted by law to resupplying the material or the relevant service as the case may be.
  3. TPG Telecom reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions from time to time. Such variations will become effective immediately upon publishing the new terms and conditions on the TPG Telecom website. By continuing to use the TPG Telecom website you will be deemed to accept such variation.
  4. The material and information on this website is provided for general guidance and is not intended to be advice. You should seek professional advice and assistance before you take any commercial decisions or action.
  5. Any trade marks of the TPG Telecom group that are referred to on the TPG Telecom website are trade marks owned or licensed to TPG Telecom.
  6. Except where necessary for viewing material on this website on your browser, or as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) or other applicable laws or these terms, no part of material on this website may be uploaded to a third party, linked to, framed, reproduced, adapted, performed in public, distributed or transmitted in any form by any process without the specific written consent of TPG Telecom. Please contact us if you would like to place a link to any part of this website.
  7. You must comply with all laws in relation to your access or use of material on this website, including laws of the country in which you reside or from which you access this website.
  8. These Terms and your use of this website are governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales. Any rights not expressly granted in these Terms of Use are reserved by TPG Telecom.

This TPG Telecom website is copyright © TPG Telecom Limited, 2020. All rights reserved.


TPG Telecom Social media user terms

These user terms apply to your use of TPG Telecom's social media websites or facilities. In consideration of your use of TPG Telecom's social media or the ability to contribute content to TPG Telecom's social media, you agree to be bound by these terms.

  1. Contributions of Material
    1. You are responsible for the content of all material that you contribute to TPG Telecom social media, including text, images, photos and videos (Material).
    2. You must ensure that all your Material was created by you and that you own all intellectual property rights in it. You also promise that your Material will not contain anything that is obscene, defamatory, offensive, or otherwise illegal (either in itself or when placed on TPG Telecom’s social media).
    3. In addition, you must ensure that your Material:
      • does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any person and does not breach any obligations of confidentiality;
      • contains no spam or other commercial, advertising, marketing or promotional content or links or information which would facilitate the sale or purchase of products or services;
      • contains no personal information or passwords, or the personal details of third parties such as phone numbers, mail or email addresses;
      • is not threatening, harassing, spiteful or abusive;
      • is not indecent or sexual or pornographic in nature, does not include gratuitous swearing or profanity and does not vilify, insult or humiliate any person or group (including, without limitation, on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation or any physical or mental disability);
      • contains nothing which is unduly provocative (including, without limitation, flaming, trolling or otherwise hostile content) or which is false, misleading or deceptive; or
      • contains no computer viruses or other computer files or code which adversely affects the operation of TPG Telecom's computer systems or any equipment linked to them.

      If your Material contains images (either photographs or videos) you must obtain the consent of any person featured or identifiable in the images before contributing that Material to TPG Telecom's social media.

      When contributing to TPG Telecom's social media you must not impersonate any other person. You must not use TPG Telecom's social media in a manner which adversely affects the use of enjoyment by any person of TPG Telecom's social media.

  2. Dealing with your Material
    1. You will continue to own the intellectual property rights in your Material. You give TPG Telecom irrevocable permission to use your Material in any way (including changing, adapting, reproducing or communicating your Material to the public) without charge and without any right of attribution to you and to allow others to use it in the same way.
    2. At any time and in its sole discretion and without notice to you, TPG telecom may refuse to include your Material in TPG Telecom's social media, remove all or part of your Material from TPG Telecom's social media, edit your Material or terminate one or more of TPG Telecom's social media or your access to them.
  3. Liability relating to social media and your Material
    1. Inclusion of your Material on TPG Telecom's social media does not indicate any approval of your Material by TPG Telecom, its related bodies corporate, suppliers or commercial partners.
    2. TPG Telecom does not endorse, approve or authorise any material (including your Material) on its social media and you acknowledge that the material on TPG Telecom's social media may not be accurate, complete, up-to-date or useful and that you should not rely upon it.
    3. You acknowledge and agree that TPG Telecom is not responsible for, and does not check the content or accuracy of, any material (including your Material) on TPG Telecom's social media. You also agree that to the extent permitted by law TPG Telecom, its related bodies corporate and contractors will have no liability to you of any kind (including, without limitation, direct and consequential losses) under any circumstances (including, without limitation, negligence) in connection with TPG Telecom's social media, your Material or any other material on those social media.
    4. If you breach these terms or laws relating to your use of TPG Telecom's social media or your Material, you will indemnify TPG Telecom against any third party claims, losses, damages or costs suffered or incurred by TPG Telecom in connection with your breaches.
    5. Your use of TPG Telecom's social media, and your contribution of Material to them, is at your own risk.
    6. TPG Telecom does not represent or warrant that its social media or any of the material on its social media will operate for any minimum period of time, will be free of computer viruses, or have any particular audience, availability, service levels or other characteristics.
    7. Nothing in these terms limits or excludes any non-excludable rights you may have or non-excludable terms that may be implied under State or Commonwealth laws including the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth). These terms will be construed subject to those non-excludable rights and terms.
  4. General
    1. TPG Telecom may vary these terms from time to time. You should check for variations periodically.
    2. These terms will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of New South Wales, Australia.
  5. Definitions

    In these terms:
    TPG Telecom means TPG Telecom Limited ABN 76 096 304 620 and, to the extent applicable, its officers, employees, contracts, related bodies corporate and contractors.

    TPG Telecom's social media includes any social media websites or facilities established, authorised or operated by or on behalf of TPG Telecom, including website-based forums created within Facebook or Twitter, blogs and online polls.

  6. TPG Telecom Blog Editorial Policy

    The content published on the TPG Telecom Blog reflects the views and opinions of its authors. The authors featured are employees of TPG Telecom, or authors who have been invited to contribute to the platform by TPG Telecom’s Blog editorial team.

    While systems are in place to ensure that all factual representations are up to date and correct at the time of publishing, we are conscious of the fact that a rapidly changing technological landscape may quickly controvert information. This means that articles on the TPG Telecom Blog may not always be correct at the time that our visitors read them. Accordingly, each article published on the TPG Telecom Blog displays its date of first publication, which we hope offers some context for its insights and news. And while we endeavour to keep our articles up to date, we do not remove posts that have, due to subsequent developments, become superseded.

    If you do feel that something is factually incorrect, we would be happy to receive your feedback.