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On Demand Dedicated Cloud Solution

TPG Telecom's Private Cloud gives you direct control over our Cloud compute and storage resources via a high speed fibre extension to your existing IT environment. Suited to organisations that require the highest level of security, control and flexibility, this raw dedicated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides the resources required to build, configure, operate and manage your IT environment.

TPG Telecom's Private Cloud provides all the advantages of on-premises IT without the headaches and capital costs related to hardware and datacentre infrastructure management.

Benefits of Private Cloud


High speed unmetered Access

Experience connectivity over fibre at speeds of up to 10Gbps with unlimited data transit in or out of your organisation.


Dedicated compute

Get full control and Access to your hardware level functions through dedicated servers.

Easy migration

Easy migration

Extend your existing VLANs into TPG Telecom's Private Cloud to reduce the need for change and transformation, and to simplify production or disaster recovery support.

TPG Telecom's Private Cloud offers flexible storage with NFS and iSCSI presentation options based with three tiers available depending on the performance you require:

  1. Premium: Designed for high performance transactional workloads
  2. Standard: Designed for multipurpose workloads.
  3. Capacity:  Designed for File, Near-line or Backup and Archival Storage

Our Private Cloud service is also Hypervisor Agnostic which means you can install any Hypervisor supported by the underlying servers (x86) including VMWare and Hyper-V. If you have already virtualised, you can extend your existing environments into the TPG Telecom Private Cloud.

How it works

How Private Cloud works

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