Flexible, high-speed wireless Internet on our 5G network

Accelerate connecting to the cloud and critical applications with Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless is delivered using the TPG Telecom 5G and 4G mobile network and provides businesses with access to high-performance Internet. With speeds of up to 150Mbps1 in 5G coverage areas and unlimited data inclusions, Fixed Wireless Internet offers high-bandwidth and low latency to support demanding applications.

And now with Fixed Wireless Premium, businesses can accelerate connecting to the Internet and critical applications with an all-in-one solution which offers routing and Wi-Fi, dedicated service management and service level agreements. So, whether it's a new branch, pop-up store, or temporary construction zone, Fixed Wireless Internet can rapidly connect your sites to the Internet at 5G and 4G speeds.

Benefits of Fixed Wireless Internet

Delivered using the TPG Telecom 5G network

Delivered using the TPG Telecom 5G mobile network

High-performance Internet with speeds of up to 150Mbps1.

Unlimited data

Unlimited data

Unlimited data means no fear of download limits or bill shock.

Flexible plans

Flexible plans

A range of contract terms including month-to-month options.

Rapid installation

Rapid installation

With Fixed Wireless – Standard you should be up and running within 7 business days2.

Simple deployment

Simple deployment

It's easy to self-install the solution or let a TPG Telecom technician manage it for you.

End-to-end management

End-to-end management

Let us manage your solution with detailed monitoring and reporting, and hardware management.

Fixed Wireless Access Plans


Fixed Wireless Standard suits customers that want rapid installation (within 7 business days) and the freedom of no lock-in contracts with month-to-month options.


Fixed Wireless Premium is ideal for store, office, or branch routing that requires high availability across sites with real-time network visibility and control.

Get your sites up and running today

Fixed Wireless Internet offers performance and bandwidth to meet the requirements of most sites and locations.

It’s suited to organisations of all sizes looking for:
  • High-performance Internet, including at sites where there is no existing fixed line infrastructure.
  • Minimise lost productivity when rolling out new branches, pop-up stores or temporary sites.
  • Improve service resiliency with enterprise-grade SLAs.
  • Flexibility to add, remove or relocate services to match the changing needs of your business.3
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  1. The TPG Telecom Enterprise Fixed Wireless Internet includes unlimited data at speeds up to 150Mbps in a 5G coverage area. Actual speeds will continually vary depending on many factors such as whether the service is connected to our 5G or 4G network, congestion, local conditions including environmental factors, general internet traffic and performance of your equipment, including computers, routers, cabling, Wi-Fi and other equipment connected to our service.
  2. Applies to standard installation only. Custom installation will incur additional charges and may require a technician to re-attend your site at a later time. The service cannot be installed at sites that are subject to Heritage protections, and you are responsible for obtaining any permissions from any building owner.
  3. Services can only be relocated upon request and a relocation charge will apply. Relocation is subject to successful service qualification at the new location.