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Flex to thrive

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A way of working centered around helping you be your best

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To truly reflect the spirit of TPG Telecom we want to build a culture that is centred around helping you be your absolute best, recognising you for who you are, not just the job you perform.

By embedding flexibility into the DNA of how we work together, we're better able to adapt to the changing needs of our customers and the business. It also means you can have a great experience at work, with the flexibility to balance the needs of your job with those in your personal life too.

We call this Flex to Thrive

This is how it can work for you:

Flex for Place

A productive workday looks different for all of us. Our hybrid working model allows you to choose where and when you work – and gives you the technology to do it.

Flex for Time

Own your time with flexible working hours, the option to work part-time or compressed hours, job share arrangements, long service leave and the ability to purchase leave.

Flex for Wellbeing

We want you to feel your best, every day. Whether you need to take vaccination leave, or special leave for when you just need some additional time off, we’re here to support you.

Flex to learn

Grow your skillset with a personalised professional development program and study leave for pursuing a new qualification.

Flex for Family

Be there for the people you love. We provide generous personal, compassionate, and return-to-work leave, plus paid parental leave.

Flex for Me

Build a life you love with great mobile/NBN benefits, career break leave, ‘your leave’ which is for when life just happens and you need to take some additional days, and also some leave without pay options.

Flex for Good

Connecting Australia for the better doesn’t just mean tech. We offer all employees charity, jury duty, and emergency management leave.

The flex experiences available to you may vary depending on your terms of employment

Spotlight on Hybrid

Flex to choose how, when and where you work


Why Hybrid?

We believe in the power of meaningful, human connection. We also believe that people work best in different ways. With work and life integrated now more than ever, flexibility has never been more important.

Hybrid gives you the best of both; the flexibility to work in a way that best suits you and your role, balanced with moments of in person connection and social interaction that we know is so important for our wellbeing and sense of belonging.

How Hybrid works for us

It’s not 0 days, but it’s not 5 days in the office

Our hybrid model is all about owning it; trusting our people to decide how, where and when they work.

We give you a framework to ensure there's equity in how our people decide their hybrid ways of working. Underpinned by 5 guiding principles, our approach empowers teams to collectively agree hybrid working rhythms that are outcome oriented designed to best suit the needs of their people, their customers and business.

Hybrid isn't set-and-forget either, meaning you're able to regularly review and flex your working rhythms to best serve your changing needs or those of your stakeholders.

Our people stories

How some of our team flex...